What's that about Divisions?

CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions have partnered with the National Student Assembly (NSA) for the creation of a video to answer the biggest questions physical therapy students have regarding the 14 Divisions.

The inspiration for this video came from the results of a 2014 national survey to physical therapy students. The results identified gaps in their understanding of the role the CPA plays in their development, and in particular each of the Divisions.

The goal of these videos is to provide information and resources to students, so they can begin exploring the many benefits the Divisions offer to its members. 

Remember this is merely an introduction of what the Divisions can offer and we encourage you to contact any of the following for further information: 

  • Explore the individual Division webpages and email the current Division executive members with questions
  • Email the NSA for the contact information of the respective Division student rep



Want the breakdown?


Cardiorespiratory Division: Trisha Parsons

Paediatric Division: Barbara Kelly


Private Practice Division: Darryl Yardley


Acupuncture Division: Heather MacKay


Global Health Division: Jennifer Carvajal


Leadership Division: Joe Putos


Sport Physiotherapy Division: Lois Pohlod


Animal Rehab Division: Lorna Clarke


Women’s Health: Marie-Josée Lord


Orthopaedic Division: Vince Cunanan


Seniors’ Health Division: Maureen O'Cornell


Neuroscience Division: Sharon Shew


Oncology Division: Swapnil Rege


President of the National Student Assembly (NSA) Teri McTavish


Pain Science Division: Tim Wideman