Winter 2017 Student Update

Here are your Summer Updates from Divisions and Partners. 

Division Updates:


Private Practice Division

The Private Practice Division’s mission is to engage, educate, and elevate the physiotherapy enterprise; our vision is to inspire you to engage in business best practice, strategic execution, and innovation.

We are running a contest called “The Future of Physiotherapy”. The winner of the contest will receive a $100.00 gift card to whichever store they want. Contest information and deadline: Please tell us what you think will be the single most important idea to dominate the private practice sector of physiotherapy 10 years from now, how this idea will impact private practice physiotherapy, and why you think it's more important than other ideas. Submissions can be up to 300 words long, and will be evaluated by senior members of the PPD Executive. 

Please email all submissions before Sunday, March 19 at 11:59pm to Thank you and good luck!

We will also soon complete our digital move of the website from back to Before we move, come check out our three top articles for physiotherapy students at our current website: 

1. Negotiate a Better Physio Contract With These 10 Effective Tactics

2. Why Do Patients Self Discharge From Physiotherapy and What To Do About It?

3. Why Patient Engagement Matters in Physiotherapy

We love to hear student perspectives so if you would like to contribute content to our blog, please email us at We are always looking for students to contribute content, join a working group, and to share their ideas about what they want to see! Email us to be involved!

And don’t forget, as a student, you can join the CPA and the Private Practice Division for free!

To join the Division, please contact the Members Services team of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


Leadership Division

The Leadership Division's interests and those of students are represented by one student rep from each of the 15 Canadian PT programs.  We are currently in transition, as outgoing student reps are replaced by incoming ones.

Manuel Villatoro the current student rep on the Division from Western University is the lead on the Division's Student Leadership Award of Excellence, which recognizes one student in each PT program in Canada for their leadership role.

Several of the student reps from last year, including Anthony Teoli, Derek Cheung, and Joseph Guirguis, are involved with helping the National Physiotherapy Assistant Assembly develop an educational webinar for support personnel.

Outgoing student reps, Anthony, Joseph, and Rachelle MacDonald will be interviewing Mike Landry from Duke University on his Leadership experiences.  This interview will be published in the Division's fall newsletter.

Several of the students are also going to be involved with the Division's development of a certification program in Leadership Fundamentals.



Orthopaedics Division

The Orthopaedic Division (OD) is a Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. We are the community for advancing Orthopaedic Practice in Canada and our mandate is to strive to offer our membership the best in post graduate education through our Syllabus courses, networking with peers and valuable resources. 

The OD is proud to announce that they will be hosting an Orthopaedic Symposium in partnership with CAMPT on Oct 20-22, 2017 in London, Ontario and special student rates will apply. It will be a networking and learning experience, you can’t afford to miss.

Join the OD- Student membership is FREE!

Have a voice at the table. Become involved in your local OD Sections/Units or join one of the sub-committees on the National OD.

Access your OD perks through CPA’s Members Services Team!



Becoming a member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) is a great opportunity for students! Through the SPC, you will have access to mentorship and sport coverage experience from current SPC Credential Holders.

To encourage and reward student members for participating in sport throughout the province, the Ontario Branch of the SPC has created the Student Merit Award. This award is open to MScPT students who are in their second year and are eligible for graduation.

The successful student must:

  • Accumulate 20 hours of athletic coverage endorsed by a supervisor or mentor over this final year of school
  • Hold a valid First Aid and CPR certificate (priority will be given to those with First Responder for Sport and Health Care Professionals)
  • Be a member of SPC and
  • Write a 250 word essay

The grand prize is $200 with a free one-year SPC membership to be awarded upon graduation. The top runner up from the remaining four Ontario MScPT programs will receive a free one-year SPC membership following graduation ($75 dollar value). The deadline is March 2017, so you have lots of time to obtain the necessary hours and experience – we recommend you get started now!

The Sport Division is a very busy and exciting division offering networking, social events, mentorship and professional development for students interesting in sport. 

Each province has a committee that students can connect with to attend free events such as speaker series. Our First Responder course is a very popular way to get started in providing on field medical support in sport. We offer an extremely reduced rate for students to attend and receive their First Responder certification. 

Upon graduation, our division offers a Certificate and Diploma for physiotherapists to become experts in the area of Sport. 

Visit to contact your local provincial group and find courses and opportunities. 



Neurosciences Division

The CPA’s Neuroscience Division represents those with an interest in all neurological conditions that physiotherapists assess and treat. We organize educational events, provide networking opportunities, keep in touch through an online newsletter and provide resources for physiotherapists and students to stay up to date in their neuroscience practice area.

As the new school year has begun, the NSD is looking forward to connecting with physiotherapy students across Canada. What better way to do this then a pop-up challenge?! On November 1st, the University of Ottawa rehabilitation students take part in a challenge that will test their dexterity, communication skills and more, all in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of what it might be like to live with a neurological condition. Keep your eye out for updates, pictures and videos!

As the NSD student representative, I share a student perspective to planning discussions and bring the updates back to you. If you are hoping to get involved with the NSD or to organize your school’s very own challenge, please feel free to contact me, NSD Student Representative Véronique Audet. Looking forward to speaking with you!



Oncology Division

The Oncology Division’s mandate is to provide our members with a networking opportunity to connect with other physiotherapists working in the field of oncology. We have a proactive executive group responsible for hosting a number of courses throughout the year, distributing newsletters, and keeping members up to date on the latest research.

The Oncology Division Board is designing a curriculum to best support our members. The entry-level education for PT students across Canada varies widely. Some programs have extensive time dedicated towards Oncology, while others entail two or three hours. Trying to design beyond entry-level courses is difficult, as not all members are at the same level of understanding. We are hoping to be able to provide online modules/courses for members that will provide a basic entry-level knowledge prior to taking an Oncology-focused course. 

We are also currently updating our “Resource Document”, which provides links and other valuable information regarding currently care to people with cancer. The Oncology Division is proud to offer a $500 award to help its members share their unique work with other members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

We would love to have ongoing student involvement. Presently, we have a student helping with our newsletter, but other volunteers would be very welcome, and likely to help with our website design.

Please contact for more information:


The Oncology Division is pleased to offer a Student Bursary to recognize and support those students who have an interest in oncology rehabilitation.

Application/Nomination Deadline: April 2017

Open To: Physiotherapy students with an interest in oncology

Award: $500.00

Time period of award: one year

The Student Bursary shall be presented to a student who meets all of the following:

  1. Is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association

  2. Is interested in the field of oncology rehabilitation


In the year that the student receives the bursary, they will contribute to the Oncology Division via a project mutually agreed upon by the executive committee and the student (some examples are contributing to the division newsletter, assisting with conducting surveys, updating the oncology resource guide, reviewing literature for special project work).


The application should include a short application statement indicating the applicant’s interest in oncology as well as any volunteer work or placements done in the field of oncology physiotherapy.

The recipients will be notified by the end of May if they have been awarded the bursary.

Please apply here.



Acupuncture Division

The Acupuncture Division supports those in the field that wish to pursue needling as a part of their physiotherapy practice. We have just uploaded a new website and we are looking for student volunteers to help with filtering research and updating website files. 

Please contact for questions about acupuncture as a student, or if you wish to volunteer!



Women’s Health Division

The Women's Health Division (WHD) is committed to assisting physiotherapist members through the promotion of education and research into women’s health issues in physiotherapy, the dissemination of such information, and advocacy for the care of women by physiotherapists.

On February 14, PT Students across Canada will be partaking in the 3rd Annual WHD Valentine’s Day Challenge, a collection drive organized by PT students across the country to collect new, unused toiletries, feminine hygiene products and incontinence supplies for local women’s centers. This year, McMaster, Queen’s, U of T, McGill, UdM, Manitoba, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Ottawa, Dalhousie are already on board. What about your university?? Join the challenge!

If you are interested to join and/or get involved with the WHD, feel free email the Student Representative, Lea Damata at



Cardiorespiratory Division

The Cardiorespiratory Division (CRD) helps unite Physiotherapists (PTs) with a special interest in cardiorespiratory physiotherapy, and provides a valuable forum for members to share information relevant to working with clients across the lifespan and in all areas of cardiorespiratory practice. 

The CRD continues to work to advance cardiorespiratory practice through initiatives centered on: 

  • Providing evidence-informed continuing education opportunities
  • Knowledge translation and dissemination
  • Uniting PTs who work in the area of cardiorespiratory care nationally. 

The CRD conducted a survey of its members, and used the feedback to help inform and focus the division’s future initiatives. 

The 3 goals identified were: 

1) Develop an advocacy plan for promoting the value of cardiorespiratory physiotherapy practice in patient care; 

2) Develop a mentorship program for practicing PTs to foster professional development and collaboration; and 

3) Continue to offer quality continuing education opportunities nationally. 

There are numerous opportunities for students to get involved in the CRD. Not only can you join the Division using your free membership through the CPA, but you can also: participate on working committees in the division (e.g., communications, education, advocacy), submit original pieces for the Gas Exchange (our CRD newsletter), and receive student discounts for CRD courses. 

If you are interested in getting involved in the CRD in any capacity, feel free to email us at:



Global Health Division

The Global Health Division (GHD) seeks to provide relevant information, resources and opportunities to expand the role of physical therapy around the world, especially within developing nations.

For the past two months, the student subcommittee of the GHD has been working on reaching out to all Canadian PT faculties in order to gather a list of international clinical sites where previous PT students have performed a practicum. 

The main focus of this project is to provide a concise document for current PT students that are interested in international placements. Not only would this document generate further ideas, but it may also reduce the workload (and the stress) around searching for international sites. 

Other initiatives are also being developed, especially in the areas of PT-Global Health Outreach and Cultural Sensitivity. Stay tuned on our social networks for further information.

PT students that would like to get involved in the Student Subcommittee of the GHD are encouraged to send their CV and a letter of intent to the GHD Student Representative, Ali Alias (

Students that are interested in staying in the loop of the GHD’s activities, are encouraged to register on the CPA’s website (remember: membership to ALL of CPA’s Divisions is free as a PT student!). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!




Animal Rehab Division


Hello Physio Students!  The Animal Rehab Division (ARD) would like to share a few things with you to brighten up your winter.  If you’ve never heard of Animal Rehab, think of it as the most fun you can have while working as a physio!We offer a Diploma in Canine Rehab, and our Equine stream is now up and trotting as well.  Both the canine and equine programs start with a home study course, followed by an introductory course in animal rehab. 

Students have a free membership with the ARD, which means you can take these fun and amazing courses at a discount.  There are Canadian physiotherapists who have opened stand-alone animal rehab clinics, and many more physios who work within veterinary clinics or provide animal home care. Open your mind to the possibilities of working in the animal field once you graduate.  

Several Universities offer animal rehab placements. If you have an interest in this, check it out with your own advisors.  We don’t know of any other placement where you can wear your Lulu’s, sit on the floor and play with dogs all day, and smile constantly!

Students can also get involved in the ARD executive. We are looking for one student rep per year in each University.  Students can also apply for the ARD Student Scholarship.  Submit a report or case study about animal rehab and you could win cash!

For more information about the ARD, the Student Scholarships or becoming a student rep, contact our ARD Student Rep Nikita Bouwmeester at



Paediatric Division

The CPA paediatric Division is a committee of paediatric physiotherapists who aim to provide support and advocacy to the community across Canada.  

The CPA paediatric Division is currently focused on connecting with members through newly created social media accounts and increasingly frequent e-blasts to connect members with the last news and research in paediatric physiotherapy. We also working to find and foster professional development opportunities for our members.

As we grow and continue to develop, the paediatric Division is looking to find innovative ways to involve students starting with the launch of “Clinical Clips Corner.”  In the coming months, we will be reaching out the expert clinicians to provide short videos, or other presentation formats, discussing their approach to common or uncommon clinical presentations. We believe that students would be a great source to reach out to in order to generate unique clinical questions and provide learning opportunities for students and clinicians.

To contact the CPA paediatric Division you can email Please check out our website and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.



Seniors Health Division

The Seniors Health Division (SHD) focuses on supporting members interested in the health of older adults.  Working with the older adult patient builds on the base of knowledge from all clinical areas.  Your older patient is like that 200 piece puzzle that is missing one piece.  Sometimes, the piece is on the periphery and the puzzle may look adequate without it but it, and sometimes that piece is right smack in the middle and the picture is not just complete without it.

The SHD is working to meet member’s educational needs through developing and offering an educational curriculum to build on physiotherapy entry level education.  We are exploring a variety of formats to deliver knowledge translation to as many members as possible, at reasonable pricing.  Another SHD focus is to increase awareness regarding the benefits and impact that physiotherapy can have on the older population.

Student members may help us to spread information through social media and increase our following on Facebook and Twitter.  We are also seeking input regarding your needs so that we can ensure that we are developing member services of value to you.

With Canada's demographic shift and aging population, physiotherapy practice in almost every health care sector will involve serving predominantly older adult patients/clients. We hope that you will take interest in Seniors Health, and join the Seniors Health Division. For further information please contact us at or



Learn more about the Pain Science Divison!




Partner Updates:


The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) is the sole international voice for physical therapy, representing more than 350,000 therapists worldwide. If you’re a member of Canadian Physiotherapy Association, you’re already a part of WCPT’s global community.

WCPT has a vibrant network for students and early-career professionals named the WCPT Future Network, set up to connect students with their member organizations, promote cultural awareness, and provide the chance to share resources on a global scale.

Every student is encouraged to become an active member of the network, connecting with peers from around the world and creating valuable bonds to help progress the profession at a global level.

The Future Network is chaired by Jessica Lees and Rhys Hughes, who work with seven international facilitators in five regions: North America Caribbean, Asia Western Pacific, South America, Africa, and Europe.

One of the best ways to get involved is to attend the WCPT Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, 2-4 July 2017. WCPT Future will be there, along with other students and early-career professionals from around the world.

Register with the WCPT website and join the Future Network 



Exercise is Medicine Canada

Welcome to another school year! The student division of Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) is excited to get Canadians up and moving!

As part of EIMC, we have the ability to promote inter-professional relationships through exercise to change the landscape of chronic disease prevention and management by working collaboratively with other programs.

We have a few events planned this year, including a nationwide Pedometer Challenge starting in October to celebrate EIMC Month and education nights with various graduate and undergraduate programs to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

Collaboration with other professions is incredibly important to the growth of EIMC and we hope to expand our organization to every physiotherapy program across Canada.

We are always looking for new and refreshing ways to promote healthy active lifestyles and we would like to hear about what your program is doing to promote physical activity. For more information on EIMC, please explore our website at or ask one of your NSA representatives.