Fall 2016 Student Update

Here are your fall updates from Divisions, partners and universities. 

Division updates

Private Practice Division

Are you a student or new grad? Take this opportunity to learn from leaders in our field, and find guidance and coaching as you begin your professional physiotherapy journey. Sections of the Private Practice Division (PPD) website cater just to you, offering resources for new physiotherapists.

The executive also has student and new grad representatives to ensure we are in tune with your needs and are delivering tools that will help you successfully embark upon the business of health care and physiotherapy.

The PPD aims to encourage entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs (i.e. a person within a corporation who is responsible for turning an idea into a finished product) within physiotherapy to engage in best business practices while also innovating new ways to serve their patients. The ultimate goal of the PPD is to empower clinic owners, practicing PTs, new graduates and students alike to improve in the areas of practice management, clinic development, performance measurement, and business values.

Each year, the PPD finds better ways to serve our members by sending out interactive surveys to ask members how we can improve the resources that we offer.

Our membership told us that this was their biggest need and we listenedOur goal for 2016/2017 is to deliver training and networking opportunities to our members.

We have built a specific landing page for keeping you engaged and we hope that you benefit from all the opportunities offered here. Members of the PPD also have access to blog posts, articles, newsletters, forums, and podcasts to help you achieve your best in your physiotherapy practice. New resources are constantly shared with members.

To join the Division, please contact the Members Services team of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


Leadership Division

The Leadership Division's interests and those of students are represented by one student rep from each of the 15 Canadian PT programs.  We are currently in transition, as outgoing student reps are replaced by incoming ones.

Manuel Villatoro the current student rep on the Division from Western University is the lead on the Division's Student Leadership Award of Excellence, which recognizes one student in each PT program in Canada for their leadership role.

Several of the student reps from last year, including Anthony Teoli, Derek Cheung, and Joseph Guirguis, are involved with helping the National Physiotherapy Assistant Assembly develop an educational webinar for support personnel.

Outgoing student reps, Anthony, Joseph, and Rachelle MacDonald will be interviewing Mike Landry from Duke University on his Leadership experiences.  This interview will be published in the Division's fall newsletter.

Several of the students are also going to be involved with the Division's development of a certification program in Leadership Fundamentals.


Orthopaedics Division

PT Students, Don’t forget to sign up or renew your CPA and OD membership - Membership has great benefits and more to come, including:

  • Having  a network of PT's
  • Discounted courses
  • Online member exclusive blogs; e-learning
  • Clinical resources
  • Access to the Orthopaedic Division Review Journal
  • Access to the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy
  • An annual symposium with special OD rates
  • Bursaries and Awards
  • Volunteer/Networking opportunities

Check out the new Clinical Resources tab on the OD site, which we’ll continue to develop to provide our membership with valuable resources and evidenced-based information that is clinically applicable and easily accessible. The Orthopaedic Division Symposium 2016 audio files are now available under this tab for our members only!

Coming Soon- The national OD is looking to create more PT student awareness about the benefits of membership. Look for us and keep an eye out for informational sessions… coming this Fall to PT Programs across Canada.

Access your OD perks through CPA’s Members Services Team!



Becoming a member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada (SPC) is a great opportunity for students! Through the SPC, you will have access to mentorship and sport coverage experience from current SPC Credential Holders.

To encourage and reward student members for participating in sport throughout the province, the Ontario Branch of the SPC has created the Student Merit Award. This award is open to MScPT students who are in their second year and are eligible for graduation.

The successful student must:

  • Accumulate 20 hours of athletic coverage endorsed by a supervisor or mentor over this final year of school
  • Hold a valid First Aid and CPR certificate (priority will be given to those with First Responder for Sport and Health Care Professionals)
  • Be a member of SPC and
  • Write a 250 word essay

The grand prize is $200 with a free one-year SPC membership to be awarded upon graduation. The top runner up from the remaining four Ontario MScPT programs will receive a free one-year SPC membership following graduation ($75 dollar value). The deadline is March 2017, so you have lots of time to obtain the necessary hours and experience – we recommend you get started now!

Neurosciences Division

The CPA’s Neuroscience Division represents those with an interest in all neurological conditions that physiotherapists assess and treat. We organize educational events, provide networking opportunities, keep in touch through an online newsletter and provide resources for physiotherapists and students to stay up to date in their neuroscience practice area.

As the new school year has begun, the NSD is looking forward to connecting with physiotherapy students across Canada. What better way to do this then a pop-up challenge?! On November 1st, the University of Ottawa rehabilitation students take part in a challenge that will test their dexterity, communication skills and more, all in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of what it might be like to live with a neurological condition. Keep your eye out for updates, pictures and videos!

As the NSD student representative, I share a student perspective to planning discussions and bring the updates back to you. If you are hoping to get involved with the NSD or to organize your school’s very own challenge, please feel free to contact me, NSD Student Representative Véronique Audet. Looking forward to speaking with you!


Oncology Division

The Oncology Division is pleased to offer a Student Bursary to recognize and support those students who have an interest in oncology rehabilitation.

Application/Nomination Deadline: April 2017

Open To: Physiotherapy students with an interest in oncology

Award: $500.00

Time period of award: one year

The Student Bursary shall be presented to a student who meets all of the following:

  1. Is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  2. Is interested in the field of oncology rehabilitation


In the year that the student receives the bursary, they will contribute to the Oncology Division via a project mutually agreed upon by the executive committee and the student (some examples are contributing to the division newsletter, assisting with conducting surveys, updating the oncology resource guide, reviewing literature for special project work).


The application should include a short application statement indicating the applicant’s interest in oncology as well as any volunteer work or placements done in the field of oncology physiotherapy.

The recipients will be notified by the end of May if they have been awarded the bursary.

Please apply here.


Acupuncture Division

Are you interested in acupuncture but don't know where to start? Check out our website specifically designed for you: Canadian physiotherapy students. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or inquire about options from me, Student Rep of the Acupuncture Division Justin Baerg. I’m more than happy to help.



Women’s Health Division

The WHD is announcing their annual Valentine’s Day Challenge! PT students will be organizing a collection drive for local women’s centers. If you’re interested in representing your university, please contact Lea Damata.



Cardiorespiratory Division

The Cardiorespiratory Division of the CPA offers many awards, grants, and bursaries to physiotherapy students across Canada. Please visit our webpage to learn more about how to apply.




Global Health Division

Want to travel and make a contribution? CPA’s Global Health Division offers resources help students prepare to go on clinical placements in other countries. Access helpful resources for going on international placements here



Learn more about the Animal Rehab Division





Learn more about the Paediatric Division



Learn more about the Pain Science Division




Learn more about the Seniors' Health Division!




Partner updates

The World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) represents physical therapists and their organizations around the globe. Canada has been a member of the WCPT since 1951. The WCPT has many resources for physiotherapy students and physiotherapists at their website. Check out the WCPT Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 here.


Exercise is Medicine Canada

Welcome to another school year! The student division of Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) is excited to get Canadians up and moving!

As part of EIMC, we have the ability to promote inter-professional relationships through exercise to change the landscape of chronic disease prevention and management by working collaboratively with other programs.

We have a few events planned this year, including a nationwide Pedometer Challenge starting in October to celebrate EIMC Month and education nights with various graduate and undergraduate programs to incorporate physical activity into daily life.

Collaboration with other professions is incredibly important to the growth of EIMC and we hope to expand our organization to every physiotherapy program across Canada.

We are always looking for new and refreshing ways to promote healthy active lifestyles and we would like to hear about what your program is doing to promote physical activity. For more information on EIMC, please explore our website at or ask one of your NSA representatives.



University updates


University of British Columbia

MPT students at UBC made an effort to be actively involved in the community by organizing a food drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Our initiative also supported the October 15th Physiotherapy Day of Service.

UBC MPT students also supported the Breast Cancer Foundation by participating in the local CIBC Run for the Cure in a 1 km or 5 km walk or run. This is the fourth year that the UBC MPT student team, "Physio Phresh", has participated in this wonderful event.

Over the next year, the UBC MPT students hope to continue to bring our smiling faces outside of the UBC campus and stay actively involved in the community around us.


Queen’s University

The Queen’s NSA second-year student representatives Greg Smith and Katie Skyvington would like to welcome first-year student representatives Kate Moffett and James McFarlane to the team!

In October, Physiotherapy students at Queen’s University participated in the October 15 Physiotherapy Day of Service by running a food drive. The Class of 2017 and 2018 competed against each other to see who could collect more food during the drive. All proceeds went to a local Kingston food bank.

The Queen’s physiotherapy NSA team also helped to clean up the University District – the overwhelming majority of where students live – on the final day of the Queen’s University Homecoming Weekend.

The first-year NSA student reps are planning a Casino Night fundraiser event in November to raise money for the Physiotherapy Foundation of Canada (PFC). After last year’s inaugural Casino Night, we are excited to have another successful fundraiser.


University of Toronto

The UofT NSA representatives are excited to share updates regarding our MScPT program, including the election of our two first year reps, Christiane Junod and Sawyer Peloso. Welcome to the team!

UofT PT students recently volunteered at the Ontario Transplant Games and shared what it was like.

The second year UofT NSA reps, Larissa Tutert and Shab Shah, successfully organized an OPA networking night for the first year class, where students had a chance to speak to individuals in the industry.

UofT NSA reps also participated in the October 15 Physiotherapy Day of Service by running a successful food drive.

Upcoming events we’re looking forward to include a faculty wine and cheese networking night and a “mini physio-school” for students interested in the MScPT program. Stay tuned for more updates as the year moves along!



October NSA meeting: “What are electronic outcome measures (eOM)?" CPA’s Coordinator of Practice and Policy Kerry Kittson explained how eOM can add value to your future practice at the October NSA teleconference. Kerry introduced Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes (FOTO), a system that CPA encourages physiotherapists across Canada to use.




November NSA meeting: A representative from the Indigenous subgroup of the Global Health Division will present on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada at the November NSA teleconference. Check out the Calls to Action to learn how physiotherapists can help with the TRC.