Recruit a Member

CPA’s Recruit a Member program recognizes and rewards members who actively enlist new members. 

CPA and its Branches will reimburse you for every physiotherapist* or physiotherapist assistant colleague that you recruit into full membership.

Recruiting is easy! Here’s how to get started:

  • Engage a non-member physiotherapist by telling them about the benefits of CPA membership.
  • Send the non-member to CPA’s website to sign up.
  • Email the CPA recruitment team with your name, member number and the name and province of the recruited member(s).
  • Repeat the process with as many non-members as you can!


  • Must be in one of the Practising A, Practising B, or Inactive categories.
  • New recruits must pay the required membership dues prior to the refund delivered.
  • Recruited members must be either new to the association or not have been a member within three years.
  • Recruitment in regions where CPA membership is mandatory is ineligible for this program (Newfoundland and Labrador).
  • Member recruitment takes place throughout the entire year, with no limit to the number of valid members recruited.
  • Members who recruit after April 1 will receive 50% of the listed amount.
  • Refund payments will take place December 1st, April 1st and September 1st annually.

To get reimbursed for recruiting a new CPA member, please contact us at