Practice Resources

Clinical knowledge and skills, practice management skills and administration, research, relevant publications and professional development opportunities included in this section are important to all physiotherapists whether they own a practice, direct a department, manage a facility, or practice as an employee.


  Core professional values and behaviours survey

Have you ever tried to articulate what makes our profession unique? 


   Quality Physiotherapy Toolkit

This toolkit shares resources that you can use to explore each dimension and evaluate quality in your practice.


   Become a Clinical Specialist

The CPA Clinical Specialty Program is a self-directed certification program to recognize physiotherapists who have demonstrated advanced clinical competence, leadership, continuing professional development and involvement in research. 

   Lifelong Learning

CPA's Divisions offer a wide range of continuing education and professional development programs to help you meet your learning needs. 

   Access OrthoEvidence

  OrthoEvidenceTM (OE) is a global digital content provider of the highest quality evidence in orthopaedics. 


Our calendar of professional development and networking events, hosted by CPA, our Divisions, Branches, and corporate partners.


   Practice and Risk Resources

  • Information for clinicians, clinic owners and leaders to help you manage your practice 
  • Information to help improve patient safety and reduce liability exposures from our practice insurance partner, BMS

    Read our Publications

CPA publishes our magazine, Physiotherapy Practice, six times a year; it's available for free to all CPA members. Our peer-reviewed journal, Physiotherapy Canada, is published four times a year by University of Toronto Press.

 PD Marketplace

PD Marketplace - a platform to expand your clinical knowledge and skills through online courses, discussion forums, webinars, videos, exclusive CPA member discounts and more.