Strategic Partners

We’re stronger when we work together

CPA’s strategic partnerships range from simply believing in what an organization stands for, to collaborating on projects like:  

  • Promoting the role of physiotherapy in key health issues
  • Supporting initiatives of partner organizations
  • Developing content to inform the public about healthy, active lifestyles

At CPA, we’re always on the lookout for organizations that share our vision of promoting healthy, active lifestyles for Canadians. To learn more, please contact us.

Physiotherapy Partners

CPA is a member of several physiotherapy partnerships, through which we provide input and collaborate on a range of issues affecting physiotherapy.

These three groups, along with CPA, form the National Physiotherapy Advisory Group. The NPAG promotes the provision of quality physiotherapy services and positive health outcomes for Canadians through collaboration and communication on matters of mutual interest affecting physiotherapists and physiotherapy in Canada.

World Confederation of Physical Therapists

CPA is proud to have been a founding member of the WCPT. CPA members are eligible to participate in all WCPT programming and access services at favorable rates.

American Physical Therapy Association

CPA often collaborates with our American colleagues, including co-hosting special policy symposia, such as the 2013 Labour Force Summit. Senior elected officials and staff meet regularly and exchange complimentary registrations at our respective annual meetings.

Physical Therapy Education Database (PEDro)

CPA provides an annual grant to PEDro, which is produced by the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy at The George Institute for Global Health in Australia.


Other Health Care Partners

CPA works with a number of other health care organizations to enhance understanding of the importance of rehabilitation and mobility, and to improve Canada’s health systems.

The Health Action Lobby (HEAL)

As part of the ‘G8’ health associations group, including:

Canadian Concussion Collaborative

The CCC is a group of national health-related organizations, chaired by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, whose mission is to create synergy among organizations concerned with concussions.

Cochrane Canada

Cochrane Canada supports the activities of over 3000 members of the Cochrane Collaboration in Canada to promote the Collaboration, The Cochrane Library and evidence-based health care. 

Exercise is Medicine Canada

Exercise is Medicine® Canada (EIMC) is a movement to encourage a healthy lifestyle among Canadians. 

GLA:D Canada

GLA:D® is an education and exercise program developed by researchers in Denmark for individuals with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Research from the GLA:D® program in Denmark has shown a reduction in progression of symptoms by 32%. Other outcomes include a reduction in pain intensity, reduced use of joint related pain killers, and fewer individuals on sick leave.

News: December 2016 in Advocacy

Here's what CPA's Practice and Policy team has been up to this month:

1. CPA has been active following the November Opioid Conference advocating for the role of physiotherapy in pain management and supporting pain education for health providers. On November 28, Melissa Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor, and Kate O’Connor, Director of Practice and Policy, met with the Minister of Health’s Office to discuss the immediate need for pain management education for health providers, changes to the funding models in health care to support interprofessional models of care in pain management, and the need for the federal government to play a leadership role in pain care for First Nations and Inuit peoples.

Melissa Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor, and Kate O’Connor, Director of Practice and Policy met with Dr. Jason Busse to discuss the revision of Canadian Pain Guidelines in response to Canada’s Opioid Crisis. A draft of the guidelines will be available in January for public review. We encourage members to read and provide feedback on the guidelines. For further information, please contact Melissa Anderson.

HEAL, a group of 40 professional organizations advocating for health in Canada met on December 8. The primary topics of discussion were the status of the Health Accord and meetings between the Federal government and the Provinces and Territories. There was also a robust discussion regarding the potential tax on health benefits, with concern raised by a number of groups around the table that this could have a significant impact on access to care for Canadians. CPA is one of 10 organizations that are working together to identify the role of extended health benefits in providing care to Canadians.

CPA has been active on Parliament Hill advocating for physiotherapy in pain management and a National Action Plan to respond to the opioid crisis, and to discuss the impact of a proposed tax on health benefits on access to care. Click here to see where we’ve been:

  • Bill Casey, MP Cumberland-Colchester and Chair of the Standing Committee on Health
  • Richard Maksymetz, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Finance
  • Hon. Rona AmbroseMP Sturgeon River – Parkland
  • Dr. Colin Carrie, MP, Oshawa
  • Gérard Deltell, MP, Louis-Saint-Laurent
  • Darshan Kang, MP, Calgary Skyview
  • Dr. Harold Albrecht, MP, Kitchener-Conestoga
  • Mark Holland, MP, Ajax
  • Ramez Ayoub, MP, Thérèse-De Blainville
  • Kathryn Nowers, Policy Advisor to the Federal Minister of Health


2. Media reports identify the federal government is considering a new income tax on health and dental benefits, which currently have non-tax status. If you are interested in learning more about what this means to access to care in Canada, or the care of your patients, you can read more here.