Health Action Lobby (HEAL)

Formed in 1991, the Health Action Lobby (HEAL) is a Canadian coalition of 41 national health organizations that represents a broad cross-section of health providers, health regions, institutions and facilities. HEAL represents more than 500,000 providers and consumers of health care.

HEAL was created out of concern over the erosion of the federal government’s role in supporting a national health system. Through its history, HEAL has met with representatives of the federal government, presented Briefs to Standing Committees, and released a series of policy papers covering a range of health policy issues, including the role of the federal government in funding health care; health human resources; entry-to-practice issues; and the Canada Health Act.

The Canadian Physiotherapy Association is a proud member of HEAL.


The Canadian Way

HEAL’s recommendations are intended to encourage collaboration between governments and providers, while proposing new accountability and performance measures, and other targeted and strategic investments that would improve overall system effectiveness and contribute to positioning Canada as a top performing country.

The Canadian Way: A Consensus Statement by the Health Action Lobby

The Canadian Way (HEAL Issue Brief)


HEAL Issue Briefs



Canada's Aging Population

The Issue: By 2036, it is expected that nearly a quarter of Canada’s population will be over age 65; almost double the proportion of today.




Access to Prescription Drugs

The Issue: Canadians pay more for prescription drugs than residents of other industrialized countries. Also, the extent of their health coverage depends on where they live, their age, the place they work, their medical condition; and their income.



Dialog and Collaboration

The Issue: The Health Action Lobby (HEAL) believes that all levels of government must work together to transform our health system so it can deliver better health and better health care to Canadians.



Fiscal Fairness

The Issue: In December of 2011, the federal government announced changes to the Canada Health Transfer (CHT) and the Canadian Social Transfer (CST), which supports our capacity to deliver much-needed health and social programming across the country.



A Framework for Performance

The Issue: Like other health groups, HEAL recommends a performance frame-work based on the Triple Aim approach developed by the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

Spreading Health Innovation and Improving Performance


The Issue: In June of 2014, the federal government launched the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation headed by Dr. David Naylor, past president of the University of Toronto.