Improving Patient Outcomes

Physiotherapy keeps Canadians moving, moving more and moving better.

Learn how physiotherapy has helped these patients get back to living their life.

Robert Kelly

Physiotherapy Patient

Ottawa, Ontario

In 1997, I could only walk one metre at time and was
unable to carry anything...

I began seeing physiotherapist Dave Barry in Ottawa, who worked with me and began prescribing exercises to help me loosen my muscles. With Dave’s continued treatment, I was able to extend my walks  from one metre to 50 metres.

After a couple of months of treatment, I challenged myself to kayak from Ottawa, Ontario to Prince Edward Island. Kayaking allowed me to belt/brace my knees against the gunnels so that there would not be any strain on my legs. Even though this challenge seemed impossible, Dave continued to work with me to help me reach my goal.

Dave provided exercises and stretches to do throughout the day. From morning until night, I knew what I was supposed to do in order to keep my body from stiffening and feeling pain. Every morning, I followed Dave’s instructions, stretching in the kayak every half hour, taking breaks every two hours, and making sure to stop and stretch at day’s end and before I went to bed each night.

I followed Dave’s regimen 100%, and while for the first few days I had to set up camp on my knees (I could not bend over), after a week or so I found I was able to walk, carefully, 50 to 100 metres without pain (still unable to walk on an incline). The long rest and the stretches were obviously good for the legs.

By the time I reached PEI 35 days later, I was able to walk up to a half a kilometer. I strongly believe it was because of physiotherapy that I am able to do the things that I do.

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I was going to have to give up one of the most enjoyable things in my life.

As a senior referee for the NCAA Basketball Program, my career was coming to an end simply due to physical issues. I was going to have to give up one of the most enjoyable things in my life. I visited a physiotherapist and with her professional guidance and treatments, she extended my career five more years. I am so grateful for every minute she gave me.

Ron Foxcroft

Physiotherapy Patient

Burlington, Ontario