Enid Graham Memorial Lecture: The Journey (or Adventure) Towards Evidence-informed Outcome Assessment - Dr. Paul Stratford


The Enid Graham Award is most prestigious award bestowed by the CPA. Through years of excellence in the profession, the recipient presents a lecture on the topic of their choice at Congress. 

Click here to read Paul's lecture. Excerpt:

"I would like to thank CPA’s Awards Committee for this honour that bears the name of Enid Graham an extraordinary individual who had a profound impact on the inception and maturation of our profession. Here are a few things I learned about this remarkable person: (1) she studied massage and medical gymnastics in Heidelberg; (2) she was a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment during World War I; (3) was a founding member of CPA; (4) established training schools in Montreal and Toronto; and (5) lobbied that physiotherapists should be given officer rank in the military which they received in 1940. She was truly a remarkable person."

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