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Research Study seeking volunteers to participate in online survey

The Seniors’ Health Division would like to make our members aware of a study being done by Dr. Susan Hunter PT PhD, Assistant Professor, at the School of Physical Therapy at Univer-sity of Western Ontario. Dr. Hunter is conducting a research study of physical therapists working in older adult health and their use of dual-task testing. This survey is in follow-up to the recently published paper, “Dual-Task Testing to Predict Falls”.

The abstract can be found at

The outline for Dr. Hunter’s study is presented below:

Cognition, how we think, has emerged as an important factor in the maintenance of balance and in older adults subtle changes in cognition, even in the absence of dementia, are associ-ated with an increased risk of falling. Watching a person walk while they perform another activity (the dual-task test paradigm) is an accepted way to assess the interaction between cognition and mobility. Research supports that the majority of physiotherapists working in older adult health include an evaluation of the cognitive contributions to balance, but we do not have specific information on clinicians’ practice (for example, how and which tests are used by clinicians or barriers that clinicians encounter administering tests). Additionally, there is a lack of evidence-based recommendations to inform some aspects of assessment in this area and a review of clinical practices provides the practical support for testing proto-cols and has the potential to influence continuing education curricula and future research.


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We encourage all visitors to contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions