CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions offer significant value-added benefits to members.

Each Division promotes networking and is actively engaged in knowledge translation. Professional development opportunities are also immediately available through Divisions.

CPA is providing the online platform and hosting to Divisions for holding their Members’ Meetings electronically.  Click here for more information.

Division Chairs Committee (DCC)

The Chair of each Division sits as a part of the Division Chairs Committee, a strategic leadership group that works hand-in-hand with the CPA Board of Directors, National Office staff, and provincial Branches and partners to advance the collective efforts of the Divisions.

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Division Knowledge Management Committee (DKMC)

The CPA Division Knowledge Management Committee (DKMC) is a sub-committee of the Division Chairs Committee designed to execute the strategic objectives that support research and evidence-based practice knowledge translation within and across the Divisions and support external knowledge translation throughout the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

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