Meet Your NPAA Council

National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly Executive

Aurélie Dimandja, President (Bilingual)

Amy Stacey, Past President

Sandra Lamb, PTA Director, Board of Directors

Jason Coolen, PT Director, Board Liaison

Kirsten Hitchcock, BC & Yukon Student Representative

Andrea Hanlon, Alberta & NWT PTA Representative

Kayley Schnare, Alberta & NWT Student Representative

Vacant, Alberta & NWT Student Representative

Janelle Walker, Atlantic Student Representative

Aurélie Dimandja

Aurélie currently serves as the President of the NPAA. She completed the Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant Diploma Program at Mohawk College in 2014. Since graduation, she has worked in various healthcare settings, such as long term care homes, physiotherapy clinics, community care and hospital settings. Aurélie has worked with acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, geriatrics, orthopaedic conditions, developmental disabilities and the mental health population.

In her first year of the OTA/PTA program, the President of the NPAA at the time (Sandra Lamb) reached out to Aurélie about joining the NPAA as a Student Representative. After some consideration, she said yes; the rest is history. She wanted to advocate for PTAs and PTA Students on a national level. In addition, Aurélie is involved in community volunteer as a Board Member with Community Living Burlington, and Contact Hamilton. She also serves on the Volunteer Executive Committee for Cystic Fibrosis Canada - Hamilton Chapter.

You can contact Aurélie at

Amy Stacey
Past President

Amy has been working as a PTA for 18 years. She was the NPAA Atlantic Representation for 4 years, from 2009-2013. She had enjoyed her time and commitment as the Atlantic Representative as it had prepared her to embark upon this new leadership role for the PTA profession. Amy had decided to further her involvement by fulfilling the role of President of the NPAA in 2015. She is now the Past President, but still actively involved in committees of the NPAA and the CPA.

Amy had graduated from the College of North Atlantic's Physiotherapist Assistant Program in 2000. She has been working as a Physiotherapist Assistant with Eastern Health, NL since September 2000. She is currently representing the Physiotherapist Assistants on the Regional Physiotherapu Advisory Council in the Eastern Health Region for a second term. Amy sits on many committees within her health region for education of physiotherapist assistant students and peers. She has worked in many divisions, such as Medicine, General Surgery, In and Out Patient Orthopedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery. Amy currently works in an adult Rehabilitation Centre.

Kirsten Hitchcock
BC & Yukon Student Representative

Kirsten is the Student Representative for British Columbia and the Yukon. She is currently a second-year student in the Therapist Assistant Diploma Program in Kelowna, BC. Her program covers the arteas of occupational, physical and recreational therapy, but she has always been more drawn to the physiotherapy side of things. Kirsten wanted to become an NPAA Student Representative in order to expand her view of the field and learn about some of the amazing opportunities out there for new grads. If yo uhave any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Kirsten.

You can contact Kirsten at

Andrea Hanlon
Alberta & NWT PTA Representative

Andrea is the Alberta and Northwest Territories PTA Representative with the NPAA. She is also working in the role of the Education Officer. She is a combined Therapy Assistant (OTA/PTA) and has worked for Alberta Health Services for over 13 years. Within Alverta health Services, Andrea is the co-lead of the Therapy Assistant Council and has recently been invited to be a part of one of the post-secondary institution advisory councils. She is very passionate about the role of Therapy Assistants and how those in the profession can continue to develop and expand in all aspects of the career. Andrea joined the NPAA to try and be more involved on a national level, expand her networking outside of Alberta and joing a great association that advocates for those in the profession of physiotherapy. Andrea looks forward to working with all of you and providing you with more great education opportunities as they come up. Please don't be shy and send Andrea an e-mail if you would like to connect.

You can contact Andrea at

Kayley Schnare
Alberta & NWT Student Representative

Kayley Schnare is taking on the role of one of the Student Representatives for Alberta and the Northwest Territories, as well as the Student Coordinator for the NPAA this year. She is a second-year Physiotherapist / Occupational Therapist Assistant student at the Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta. As many others who enter the healthcare field, she had chosen to enter the program because of an interest in getting to help others positively change their lives. As Kayley has gone through her schooling, she had developed a love and interest in anatomy and exercise science. It has helped her to focus her scope onto the Physiotherapy side of the field. If you have any questions about the NPAA and CPA, or are interested in getting involved by writing a piece for the NPAA E-Blast, please contact Kayley to get more information.

You can contact Kayley at

Kirsten Marshall
Alberta & NWT Student Representative

Kirsten Marshall is one of the Student Representatives for Alberta and the Northwest Territories. She is a second-year student in the PTA / OTA program at Grant Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta. Kirsten is passionate about helping people and using exercise as medicine. She wanted to join the NPAA as a Student Representative so she could be more involved in the community and expand her learning platform.

You can contact Kirsten at

Janelle Walker
Atlantic Student Representative

Janelle Walker is the Atlantic Provinces Student Representative and Secretary for the NPAA. She is studying at the Eastern College in the PTA / OTA program but is also currently on her first placement. She has made a switch from working for years at a bank with a BA. She had decided that she needed a big change in her life and career, and so here she is! Janelle joined the NPAA because she wanted to be involved fully with her new career, keep up on the latest information and be part of the community.

You can contact Janelle at



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