Branches, Divisions & Assemblies

As a CPA member, you are also a member of your provincial Branch and our National Assemblies, and you have the opportunity to join one or more of our Divisions.

Provincial Branches and Partner Associations

Membership in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association provides for simultaneous membership of both the national association and provincial branch or territorial council. The national and branch offices work together on issues that affect our members collectively.

Branches also offer unique services to their members that vary province-by-province, and provide additional value to members.


CPA’s special interest and clinical practice Divisions offer significant value-added benefits to members. Each Division promotes networking and is actively engaged in knowledge translation. Professional development opportunities are also immediately available through Divisions.

National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA)

The National Physiotherapist Assistant Assembly (NPAA) represents the unique interests and needs of practising and student physiotherapist assistants in Canada, and is actively engaged in the growth and advancement of their roles in the physiotherapy profession.

National Student Assembly (NSA)

The National Student Assembly (NSA) is the unified voice of student members across Canada. Founded in 1996, the NSA:

  • Enhances communication amongst physiotherapy students
  • Develops programs and initiatives for student members
  • Provides a forum where students can talk about issues
  • Encourages student involvement and leadership opportunities within the CPA and your profession.