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She Started with a Car and a Vision: Introducing the 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2015 when Natasha Wilch’s husband was transferred to Nanaimo, BC, she needed a job. In a town where she knew nobody, the physiotherapist made the decision to start Symphony Rehabilitation.  “It [started out as] just me, my massage table and my car.”  


A car and a vision

Even though she started lean, “I always had the vision to be a multidisciplinary clinic,” Natasha says.
“I wanted to be able to work with a team of health professionals with a cohesive treatment plan focussed on the patient and their goals. Having that team communicating and working together helped patients reach their goals much faster.” From the beginning, this entrepreneur’s aim was to provide quality rehab to her community and to “offer power and knowledge and services beyond to people who won’t have access.”

With a car and a vision, Natasha accelerated her business growth from car to clinic in 2016, and to the internet in 2017, where she and her team now reach thousands of potential patients across multiple provinces.

Today, she runs a standing multidisciplinary clinic with “a phenomenal team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, speech therapist, occupational therapist, registered dietitian, group fitness – "they’re great, and we all serve our Nanaimo region."





Addressing the gaps

“As the clinic grew, we looked at what needs were unmet in the community, in health care, and what WE could do to help,” she says. While she continued to run their mobile services to help fill a demand, Natasha also noticed an additional access gap. “There are so many communities that don’t have access to rehab,” she says. “That’s a huge barrier, because it prevents them from moving forward in their health journey.”

In trying to “do their bit to help,” the team launched a telehealth series for physio, speech and dietitian. “We’re excited to see how that evolves and grows,” she says. In order to continue spreading awareness, Natasha also leads a weekly “Ask a Physio Facebook live video series that we run to share our passion and knowledge.”

“We also launched our telehealth service, providing physiotherapy, speech, and dietitian services to people in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories who don’t have access to rehab,” she adds. “Now they CAN, with technology and our team.”




2017 Entrepreneur of the Year

Her mindset and impressive growth has resulted in Natasha being voted 2017 Entrepreneur of the year. To clarify, this is not an award in the health care field; this entrepreneur came out on top against business owners across Canada.

The Futurepreneur Canada Awards describes the winners as having made “significant contributions to Canada’s entrepreneurial community through their leadership, grit, innovation, growth and mentorship.”

“We have slowly built ourselves up and I have the most amazing team working with me. I wouldn’t be where I am without them,” Natasha adds. “I can’t wait to see what continues to happen in our future.”

Please join us in congratulating Natasha for her 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year win!

Look for Natasha’s full interview in January 2018, where she shares social media tips, achieving success and how she was able to grow her business over two years to compete and win against entrepreneurs across Canada


Follow Natasha’s company on Facebook and Twitter @SymphonyRehab



Natasha is an amazing person, who new her goals and worked hard to achie ve them. She has come a long way from her car and a vision.

Congratulations Natasha in your business and in showing how to be innovative in providing rehabilitation healthcare services to underserviced areas.

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